Monday, May 4, 2009

Who said the Great Salt Lake stinks??

Check out this sunset, who said the Great Salt Lake

It was gorgeous, truly this breath taking!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It has been a while

Where to begin!! How do I possibly summarize the last year - WOW
What a whirl wind - How does life happen so fast, I ask you??
Lets bring you up to speed - with the most important first:


Can you believe he is almost 5!! Well I can't, it is actually disturbing at least for me, I am so sad that my baby is almost not a baby anymore. However he makes me proud every day with his amazing wisdom: that he too will one day be able to marry me, just like dad, how sweet.

That when asked if he would like a brother or sister he said well yes but I have not seen those for sale at Target LOL.

He will be starting kindergarten this fall and is so excited, at least one of is :)
This kid does it all Tae Kwon Doe, Soccer, Baseball and starting this year Mtn. Bike Racing with DAD, it really keeps us busy.
Not to mention becoming a Jedi Knight I could I forget, he is obsessed...

Shane and I are not quite as exciting:
SHANE is finishing up a FireFighter Academy which will improve his chances of getting hired on to a local department.
Along with also training for his upcoming Mtn. Bike Race season, set to begin April 4, 2009 in Hurricane UT.

As for ME typical mom stuff - laundry, cleaning, cooking HAHA!
Actually I am working on my crafting skills, I know can you believe it !
Since moving to Utah about 3 years ago I have discovered that I am actually more crafty than I thought and have also found a new hobby of photography which I am LOVING!! Taken a few classes and really enjoy it, I guess I have finally found something other than my family to be passionate about, FINALLY!
Well, thanks for tuning in. I hope to be able to bring you more posts soon.
Or at least I will try not to wait a whole year :)
Ta Ta For Now - Tara

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Oh the Happiest Place on Earth

Parker had a blast, but had I known that historically the busiest time of year at the Happiest Place on Earth we would reconsidered out trip. HOLY COW!! I have never seen so many "Happy" people in my life (don't you love the sarcasm). Live and Learn.. Enjoy the pictures..

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Look out Jamaican Bobsled Team

Oh the weather outside is frightful.. More like Frightful Frosty!! Being from Las Vegas you would think we would be "seasoned" snowman makers however... that as you can see is not the case. Ol well nothing like a snowman who is watching his calorie intake.. It was fun dressing him up and bringing him to life in our front yard..
As Parker and I made a snowman Shane was hard at work at a bobsled track in the driveway, talk about Extreme Snow Sports Parker LOVED IT, he is fearless it was a blast to watch him get "air".

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa Baby

Lets go shopping!! Or maybe not it looks like these two have had it.They are so sweet!! We visited Santa and told him how nice we have been this year. Please bring us lots of goodies..

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cathching Up

Where do I begin... Lets see..
Parker started preschool this fall and is loving it. He is so social and loves interacting with the other kids. He is learning a ton and is quite the sponge. It has been amazing to watch him come into his own. He is such a combination of Shane and I it is kinda scary... He loves to play sports and is actually pretty good at it, he definitely did not get his mama's coordination (thank god). He enjoys learning about new things and shows a real interest in music, his favorite is Johnny Cash, it is so cute... He is growing up so fast... SLOW DOWN!!!!

Shane is diligently working on his pottery and trying to get his business off the ground. He purchased a kiln this summer which has helped him be more in control of his art. He has traveled to a few art shows this summer trying to get his name out there, he will be headed to Phoenix next month for another show. So far they have been quite successful in my opinion, Shane may disagree! However he has really hit the ground running and I am so proud of him. With Shane's studio being in our basement this allows for him to stay home with Parker and he is the most amazing Dad and husband... He cooks and cleans!! (back off he is taken haha). I am so fortunate to have these two boys in my life, they make me so happy...
As for myself, I am working for a large home builder selling new homes. As I am sure you have all heard the industry is a bit distressed but in spite of that things are pretty good. Utah has been a good move for us we are enjoying the seasons and the slower lifestyle it is great.
Well so long for now!!